An Approach that Invites Connections

One thing that a learning-centered approach helps learners do is connect. It is with this connection that learners can more fully and easily learn. It is with this type of connecting that we maximize the possibility of real change.

Below is the 3C Model, including three types of common connections when using a learning-centered approach: connect with content, self, and others. All three types of connections are needed to ensure personalization of the content and deep meaning making.

Connect with content. Learners need time to examine new content they are learning. They need to decide how they feel about it and how it compares to what they already know. To do this, learners need content presented and offered in a way the works for them. Consider what they are used to and what will work for each unique group and situation in which it is being offered. The options for how to present content are limitless: PowerPoint, role play, handout, workbook, demonstration, video clip, audio clip, images, models, and so much more. 

Connect with self. Learners need to connect new content to existing knowledge or experience. They need to compare it to what they already know and do and decide how it lines up and if they like it. They need to weigh it against what they believe is right and true and see how it feels. They need to imagine it in their lives and ask themselves, “Do I want to start using/doing this? Why?” To decide this, they need solo time for reflection, introspection, imagining and questioning.

Connect with others. Learners need to share their stories, experiences, thoughts, and questions with other learners. They need to hear what others think about the next content and debate it. It is through this testing, trying, and challenging with others that learners can discover new meaning and understanding for themselves. It is by seeing ourselves in others that clarity is sometimes found. To facilitate collective engagement, invite pair share, small group work, table dialogue, or changing group activities.

Which of these types of connections (the 3C’s) have you found especially helpful in learning?

Jeanette Romkema is a Global Learning Partners (GLP) co-owner and Managing Partner of Communications and Marketing, as well a Senior Consultant and Trainer with GLP.

This blog was originally published on May 14, 2018

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