Below are all scheduled offerings that are open to the public. We now offer 90-minute online workshops, with sliding-scale pricing of $60-80, depending on your budget.

Our Catalog

All the trainings in our catalog are available to be customized for your organization / team.
Please refer to our glossary of terms to understand the language we use to describe our trainings.

If you represent an ORGANIZATION, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to explore:
  • Enrolling a group in one of our On Demand offerings (with optional group coaching add-on)
  • A private, in-house training that’s adapted to your unique context and priorities
If you are an INDIVIDUAL or part of a SMALL GROUP:
  • Explore our On Demand trainings and contact us if you are interested in a mentoring or group coaching add-on
  • If a one-on-one approach works for you, consider mentoring



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All prices listed are the estimated cost per person, prices vary depending on a number of factors (e.g. in-person locations, level of customization, number of facilitators, etc.). To ensure that our trainings are inclusive and accessible, we can usually offer discounted pricing for non-profits, education and faith-based organizations, and organizations with financial need. Reach out to us to work something out.

Please note: discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions; prices for in-person trainings do not include costs for
travel, food and lodging.


We know training terminology varies depending on who uses it, so here’s a quick glossary to clarify what we mean by the terminology above:

  • ONLINE – an umbrella term that refers to training where some or all of the learning is done through a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and usually via the internet.
  • IN-PERSON – where all learners come together in the same physical space.
  • BLENDED – training that combines online and in-person components.
  • LIVE – where a group of learners goes through the training together on a set schedule. For GLP, this typically includes live group sessions via Zoom.
  • ON DEMAND – training that can be accessed at any time.