10 Tips for Closing a Learning Event

Closing a learning event is as important as opening it! This is the moment when learners are invited to envision how the new learning will show up in their daily lives. Closing activities are essential to solidify and transfer the learning that took place during the event.

Jeanette Romkema and Tyler Phillips worked with Sinapis Group recently, an accelerator program for entrepreneurs in Kenya. One of the products that emerged from this work was this list of ideas for ways to close a learning event. You may find a new, creative idea to adapt for your next event!

On your own

  1. On your own, consider all you have learned today. What one person do you want to talk to this week to clarify a question you have about next steps to build or strengthen your business? Write that person’s name below, when you will talk to them, and about what.
  2. On your own, consider one thing you want to STOP or START doing in your business starting tomorrow, as a result of what you learned here today. What is it and what will you need to do to ensure your success?
  3. On your own, revisit one of your business goals over the past 6 months. Name one small step that you can take towards that goal and what you will do to celebrate that step being complete. Schedule a time in your calendar to work on it.
  4. On your own, take a piece of paper and draw a picture of what life will look like once you have reached your optimal business success. Post that picture in a place where you will look at it everyday (i.e. the bathroom mirror). This will help you achieve your dream.
  5. On your own, write a daily affirmation that you will tell yourself while looking in the mirror each day. This list should include all your strengths, accomplishments, and successes in the past, present, and future. Focus only on the positive. Take 1 minute to read these affirmations aloud each morning. Example: I am a smart, capable, and savvy business leader. My training and entrepreneurial drive will pave the way to my success. 

With a partner

  1. Take a moment to review your priorities over the past month. With a partner, discuss how you feel about how your time was spent. How did you balance personal and business priorities? What are you most proud of? How will you prioritize differently next month?
  2. Take a moment to think of one way you are stuck in regards to your business. With a partner, discuss and solicit their perspective on how to move past this obstacle. Once you’ve named it, commit to a small step forward and ask your partner to check back with you in one month to hold you accountable.
  3. Find someone who you haven’t connected or worked with in the program so far. Spend a few minutes getting to know them, their business, and how they are experiencing the program thus far.

In full group

  1. Open the floor for anyone who has a pressing business need or issue. Allow that person to share with the entire class and see what help comes.
  2. Fear can be paralyzing, especially when starting a business. For anyone who wishes to, share one thing you are afraid of and have the courage to try that thing before next week. Sharing in the large group serves as a commitment to this act.

These ideas will close your learning event in a way that lets the learners decide what to use and how to use the learning in their lives. If the learners don’t feel ownership over the content and how to use it, it is very likely that what they have learned will not transfer.

What new idea do you have for closing your next learning event?


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