Jeanette Romkema

Jeanette Romkema

Senior Partner, Partnerships & Knowledge Management Lead, and Board Secretary

In brief

Jeanette has been a Dialogue Education™ practitioner and educator since 1996. As an educator, trainer, consultant, advisor, and mentor, Jeanette is respected for her care in customizing instructional designs, programs, and consulting to the individual need and situations.

Jeanette’s areas of greatest depth include the academic, community development and voluntary sectors. Particular areas of interest and expertise are HIV and AIDS, women’s health, international development, the marginalized in society, and the arts.

Jeanette has extensive international and cross-cultural experience, having worked and lived more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Some projects

Canadian Red Cross, Sichuan, China
Jeanette worked with local Red Cross China teams to evaluate/review their HIV work with two priority groups: heroin addicts in Deyang, and commercial sex workers in Nanchong, Sichuan. An emotion-based approach was used and multiple evaluation tools were developed including the use of drawings, pictures, stories, and probing questions. Members of each priority group as well as members of multiple influencing groups were interviewed. The final report offered rich findings which led to provocative recommendations for future work.

TransACTION, Ethiopia
Jeanette collaborated with GLP colleague Valerie Uccellani to design HIV prevention education materials for mobile individuals including waitresses and daily laborers (male and female), and designed training for local NGOs around the country. TransACTION was especially interested in creating materials which would effectively promote personal reflection, honest dialogue, and new perspectives on taboo topics. For example, real stories from the priority groups were collected and used to produce interactive “story cards”. We also worked with TransACTION to design Peer Leader Guides to build their confidence in HIV and AIDS content, as well as their skills in storytelling and facilitation.

Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries, Toronto, ON Canada
Jeanette designed a program for CCFGM to effectively meet the growing need for intercultural ministry.  As part of this program, she created a system for recruiting and training a Core Facilitators Team who would offer faith-groups the 2-week course “Deepening Skills for Intercultural Ministry”. This collaborative work consisted of 6 phases including: research & discovery; facilitator recruitment & capacity-building, design and evaluation; and program implementation. Specific areas of focus were: race, equity, diversity, and/or privilege.

Jeanette’s education

PhD (abd) Education, Teaching and Learning
OISE, University of Toronto, ON Canada
M.A. Education, Teaching and Learning
OISE, University of Toronto, ON Canada
B.A. Education
Calvin College, Michigan, USA

When Jeanette is not at work

She is volunteering at her local foodbank and strengthening the programing at a local community centre, making cards, taking photographs, collecting and working with textiles, supporting her teenage sons, going to movies, camping and hiking.

What people are saying

I have never experienced such a well-thought out program or worked so purposefully as a group. [Jeanette] works effortlessly to ensure everything that is designed and executed is purposeful, focussed and pushes everyone to where they need to be.

~ China team participant, Canadian Red Cross

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