Management Tips During a Crisis and Economic Change

The world as we knew it has changed drastically. When crises emerge it’s up to management to act quickly to change your company’s course, to be innovative, and to support your staff, teams and colleagues. Consider the following tips from our small business as you enter what used to be a ‘typical’ busy workday that is now exponentially busier with much more to balance, figure out, and decide.

  • Communicate often with your leadership team.

  • Send daily communications to your staff, teams and colleagues with an emphasis on a transparent yet reassuring voice. Silence could foster nervousness, fear and uncertainty which can lead to unproductivity.
  • Decision-making in calm and ‘normal’ times can be challenging, but decision-making in times of global crisis can be extremely stressful. Make careful decisions, and know it’s okay to say things like, “I’ll get back to you in a couple hours with a decision” or “I’m going to sleep on it.”
  • Invite your team members and colleagues to be included in planning new initiatives. Tap their creativity, individual expertise, and desire to help.
  • Balance honoring your commitment to your company’s social mission while also working to generate new relevant revenue streams in response to the changing economy
  • Remember to be open-minded and flexible during times of turmoil. It’s okay, and often necessary, to change course in response to the times at hand.


Rebecca Kerin-Hutchins ( is Business and Finance Director for Global Learning Partners. Learn more about GLP’s COVID-19 response here.

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