10 Ways to Get Some Quick Feedback

As a facilitator, it is important to get feedback from the group you’re working with to hear what they think of both the content they are learning and how they are learning it. Here are some ideas for gathering feedback that don’t take much time. For each of these, you only need to hear a sampling of responses. Of course it’s just as important that you are prepared to act on the responses, should something important need to be addressed. Check out GLP’s myriad downloadable resources for more information on facilitation.

  1. How I Feel  |  “Take a minute on your own to think about how you feel right now…. In the large group, call out the word or phrase that expresses how you feel about the session today.”
  2. What was New  |  “In the large group, let’s take a minute to hear one thing that was new for you today.”
  3. What Worries You  |  “In the large group, let’s take a minute to hear one thing that worries you about what you heard today.”
  4. What Surprises You  |  “In the large group, let’s take a minute to hear one thing that was surprising to you today.”
  5. Your Questions  |  “At this point in our program, what one question do you hope gets answered before we finish?”
  6. What Bothers You  |  “After all we learned today, what do you think is most misunderstood about the topic we’ve been studying?”
  7. I Want More  |  “After today’s session, what do you want to learn more about?”
  8. Your Session  |  “What went well for you today for you?” and,“What suggestions to you have to our next session that would help your learning?”
  9. Check Energy  |  “Let’s rate our energy at this point in time by indicating it on our fingers:  from 1-10, with 10 being the highest, what is your energy?” (All at the same time, everyone should hold up their hands to show their number.)
  10. Checking in Privately  |  Sometimes it is wise to check in on someone who is concerning you (whether you are wondering about interest, engagement, relevance, or something else). During a break, just ask, “How is the course working for you so far?” or “You seem to still have some questions or concerns about what we were doing. I’d love to hear what they are if you have a minute.”

What methods do you employ to gather some quick feedback during your learning events? What advice do you have for facilitating the responses to any of these 10 tips?


Jeanette Romkema Jeanette@globallearningpartners.com is Lead Partner with Global Learning Partners

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