LNRA- Phone Calls & Email

This month’s Dialogue Education™ Tips and Tools focuses on asking and creating questions as a part of a Learning Needs and Resource Assessment (LNRA). What questions do you ask? (Or perhaps wish you had asked?)

As an introvert, I find making a phone call or two to people, whether they have or have not responded to the survey, helps me – and him or her – feel more comfortable about going into a new group. How do you experience being called or calling for learning events? Why do you think this is so?

Recently, I got a programmed phone call as a part of the delivery of materials for a twenty-two week course that I was attending. It surprised me how this call, despite being a recording, added value and satisfaction with the whole “buying” experience.  How do you react? Sometimes despite our best efforts, people do not respond to the surveys, so of course a call, even just leaving a message, can still let people know you noticed, cared and welcome any questions or insights from them. Let me hear/read your ideas and about your experience. And of course, questions are always welcome here!


This post by Joan Dempsey.