Delight, Satisfaction and Disruption: Paths for Significant Learning

What happens when we experience significant learning? At least three things:

  1. The delight and enchantment of discovery. This is an important dimension of what it means to be human: life beyond simple and predictable existence. It’s what makes life worthwhile at all its stages.
  2. A life of fulfillment that doesn’t narrowly focus on one's own needs and desires. Meaningful living filled with value and worth, and ultimately satisfaction, is related to meeting the needs of others.
  3. Significant learning also carries a call to be and do things differently. Learning impinges on learners by compelling them to take not only a new look at reality, but also consider a new lifestyle. The old normal is no longer adequate or acceptable. It is disrupted. Significant learning thus also implies the discipline to be and live differently.


Harold Kallemeyn has lived and worked in the French speaking world for the past 40 years as a pastor, seminary professor and educator. He now lives in Montreal where, during the long winter months, he is experiencing the delight, satisfaction and disruption of regular bread baking.

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