Foundations of Dialogue Education

In-Person • Live • 4 Days

Online • Cohort • 28 hrs / 4 weeks


Our intensive introductory training offers a transformative approach to learning. In this hands-on training you will apply the principles and practices of a learning-centered approach to your own training with practical strategies to ensure meaningful, lasting impact.

Many individuals and organizations embrace the philosophy that learning should be practical and engaging, but few can put that philosophy into practice consistently. This training will change all that. People leave this course with a new way of thinking about learning and a newfound confidence in how to create meaningful learning opportunities for others.


What will you learn?

This is an engaging and highly personalized course, with ongoing invitations to test, try and practice the new content being learned. Here is a sample of what you will have achieved by the end of the course:

  • distinguished between a learning-centered and teaching-centered approach
  • demonstrated ways to teach holistically using three learning domains
  • crafted achievement-based objectives based on what your learners will DO with the content you teach
  • used the 8 steps of design to create a session for your real work situation
  • demonstrated and assessed your skills for facilitating dialogue in a short session and planned for your continued skill development.


Course components

We offer two variations of Foundations. The course components are different for each:

  • In-Person
    • 4 consecutive days of in-person workshop (or 2 days + 2 days)
    • Learning transfer resources
  • Online
    • 8 x 4-hr virtual workshops – typically two sessions a week for 4 weeks
    • Learning transfer resources

You can also access one of the components of this comprehensive training based on your organization’s needs: Intentional Design (the first 2 days) and Art of Facilitation (the last 2 days).


What else do you need to know?

  • Pre-requisites: None




All prices listed are the estimated cost per person, though prices may vary (based on in-person locations). To ensure that our trainings are inclusive and accessible, we can usually offer discounted pricing for non-profits, education and faith-based organizations, and organizations with financial need. Reach out to us to work something out.

Please note: discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions; prices for in-person trainings do not include costs for travel, food and lodging.


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