American University ITEP Program Honors Jane Vella

The International Training & Education Program at American University’s School of Education recently honored Jane Vella at its 2021 gathering for prospective students, current students, and alumni.

The focus of the gathering was Pathways to Progress, aligning the strategic framework of the ITEP program. Jane’s keynote address, The Role of Dialogue Education in an Ever-Changing World, kicked off the virtual event. GLP’s Leadership Team [Val Uccellani, Rebecca Kerin-Hutchins and Jeanette Romkema] and Board Chair [Peter Noteboom] were also participants and contributed thoughts and connections on the current role of GLP in today’s education world.

Michael Gibbons, Scholar in Residence at the School of Education, offered these words of recognition of Jane’s long time contribution to the ITEP program:


“Special thanks Jane for your wise words, and for your lifelong contribution to the field of international education, peace and justice. Jane, you embody everything we aspire to in the ITEP program, championing nonformal and creative approaches to education as means of personal growth and social transformation and justice. We have used your seminal book, Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach in the core training courses at ITEP for many years. You inspire us, and as the next generations of this work, we pledge to carry on the work.”

Jane was then honored with a Proclamation honoring her “significant contribution through books and mentorship to the intellectual core of the Training and Nonformal education courses in the International Training and Education Program at American University’s School of Education.”

Congratulations to our founder and many thanks to the ITEP Program at American University!



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