Equity Begins with Us: Communication Skills for a Thriving Workplace

Online • Live • 1.5 hrs • $125-250


A practical exploration of how communication skills can determine or undermine success of equity efforts and a thriving workplace.

We often focus equity efforts on policies and large-scale changes – whether you’re in the weeds or have your eyes trained on the long-view, it’s easy to forget that communication matters! In partnership with The Center for Restorative Approaches, GLP offers a set of six communication skills that are foundational to a thriving, equitable workplace.

These skills are not new or complicated but are powerful when practiced with intention; they are essential for building genuine relationships across difference. When they become an explicit part of your organization’s culture, they can accelerate efforts to work toward greater equity in your workplace.


What will you learn?

You will use and model 6 timeless communication skills with fellow participants. You will also explore how these skills can show up in the culture of your organization. You will craft your own plan for practicing these skills in the daily context of your life and work.



  • 90-minute facilitated workshop
  • Participants will receive:
    • A resource and tool exclusively available to workshop participants
    • A curated list of public resources to continue your learning


What else do you need to know?

  • This workshop does not unpack the meaning of equity or provide guidance on large scale equity actions. It does offer an opportunity to reflect on your team’s equity efforts.
  • This workshop will make the biggest difference for those who come with…
    • A heightened awareness and commitment to equity
    • A willingness to focus on personal actions
    • Colleague(s) to support each other in applying the learning after the workshop


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