The Gift of Knowing – Da’at

Gift of Peace

I learned something this week: Da’at is the Hebrew word for knowing, knowledge that is powerful, participative, productive.

Da’at is cognitive, affective, psychomotor knowing: ideas, feelings, actions interwoven and effective towards new behavior. Da’at is what the four year old is searching for when he says, “Me do!”

Da’at is the renewed and reformed consciousness that is the end of the means we call Dialogue Education. Da’at leads to peace.

We do not do the strenuous work of designing and leading Dialogue Education events for any purpose less than peace. When human beings know, and know that they know, they can use their human power to construct that knowing towards peace.

All of the scriptures of the world speak of peace as a gift and as the purpose of right living. The Christ said: My peace I give to you. Peace is a ready gift that is ours for the willingness to accept it. Every learning task we design, and lead, or do, can strengthen that willingness, and assure that acceptance.

The means is dialogue, the end is da’at, the purpose is peace.

When do you see da'at at work?