Technology Tools to Support Online Learning


According to Clark (2012), there has been “more pedagogic change in the last 10 years than the last 1000 years and it is all driven by technology innovations.” The online learning space continues to grow in numbers, content, technological advancements and instructional considerations, and the trends in higher education alone predict continued growth.

Here is an overview of recent reports regarding online learning in higher education. According to Allen, Seaman, and Allen (2018) distance education enrollment is up over 5% at 5.6% from 2015 – 2016. That equals over 6.3 million students that are now taking at least one online course (Allen, Seaman & Allen, 2018), compared to 2002 when the enrollment number was under 10% at 9.6% (Allen and Seaman 2017). According to Allen and Seaman (2015), over 70% of higher education administrators have included online education in their learning institution’s strategic plan as compared to 2002 when 48% of administrators reported utilizing online education in their strategic plans (Allen & Seaman, 2017).

More and more research is being published about the use of new technologies or diversifying current technologies in online learning. Technology innovations after all, per Donald Clark (2012), are driving the pedagogical changes we are currently experiencing.

One such innovation I find helpful is Voice Thread. This tool allows for interactive collaboration on presentations and dialogue learning tasks such as reflections and group interactions. Additionally, Voxer is another tool that provides an option for live dialogue in the online classroom.

What types of technologies are you using in your educational practices that support a learning-centered approach in the online learning space, either 100% online, blended, or traditional classroom with new technologies?


Jennifer Kirkland ( is the Director of Community Relations for a faith-based not-for-profit hospice organization. She is also an adjunct assistant professor at Madonna University, and a doctoral student pursing her degree in educational psychology and technology. Please feel free to contact Jennifer with any questions or feedback

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