Valerie Uccellani

Senior Partner, and Vice Chair of the Board

Valerie Uccellani is Senior Partner and Co-Owner of Global Learning Partners (GLP). She is also a shareholder and an original member of the Board of Directors. For over 35 years, Val has brought her expertise in learning assessment, design, and facilitation to organizations around the U.S. and in 19 countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Val has focused her work in the arenas of animal welfare, international development, family health, financial freedom, racial equity, and workforce development. She is highly skilled at fostering collaboration within and across organizations. She has had many opportunities to mentor others. Val is adept at helping others stay true to the core principles of a learning-centered approach, while encouraging creativity to fit each unique context. 

Val lives, works, dances, and sings in New Orleans — except for the summers where she volunteers at the Augusta Heritage Center in West Virginia. 


A Few Client Testimonials 

“Val is a miracle-worker!  She’s creative, committed, and smart. We couldn’t have done it without her.” – Justine Zinkin, Chief Executive Officer, Neighborhood Trust 

“The ASPCA works extensively with GLP for both training and facilitation. We are delighted with their expertise and professional. We are particularly pleased with their quick understanding of the complexities, their recommendations, and facilitation to match our purposes. Valerie is a joy to work with – she is organized, thoughtful, considerate, has an amazing learning curve and quickly grasps the concepts and keeps us on focus.”
– Julie Morris, ASPCA, Executive Leadership 

“[Valerie’s] ability to design and deliver training sessions and facilitate meetings is extraordinary.  During the planning process Valerie pays special attention to making sure that our goals are clear and that we have the time, resources and information we need to make sure we achieve those goals.  She approaches every task in an extremely thoughtful way and ensures that every person who participates is engaged and has the opportunity to contribute.  Her facilitation skills are superb.  She can read a group extremely well and can modify her plan to make sure she achieves the agreed upon goals.  She makes every interaction, whether with a group or an individual, extremely productive.  Finally, Valerie is respectful of everyone with whom she works.  She lives up to her commitments and delivers work of the highest quality.   – LaDonna Pavetti, Vice President, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

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