A New Online Program for Coaches and Workforce Participants


The Larimer County Workforce Center (LCWC) is an innovative group of leaders working together to find new ways to decrease poverty in the northern Colorado area. They are leaders in the use of a new online platform that helps participant’s track in real time their goals and progress and increase dialogue between coaches and participants between meetings. They invited GLP to partner with them to ensure that the early design of the platform was learning-centered.


We helped established a common language and understanding of adult learning principles (using the acronym “REACH”: Relevant, Engaging, Actionable, Clear and Holistic). We joined with leaders, frontline staff, clients and platform experts to conceptualize what the platform would contain, and how people would interact with it. We crafted visual organizers (i.e. coach-participant flow) and facilitated dialogue to help the team sharpen their vision. Finally, GLP worked side-by-side with Larimer County staff to organize and edit sample content.


The learning-centered approach used to design and test early iterations of this platform yielded great insights for all involved. Now, years later, LCWC has paved the way for the use of a virtual platform to reduce stress and save time while maximizing the relationship between coaches and staff. For more about the platform, the science behind it, and their experience with it, check out TuaPath.