Julia Rosenbaum joined GLP’s board of directors in 2020. Her relationship with Dialogue Education™ began sometime in the 1990s, and although the exact year eludes her, she says the life change it rendered is unforgettable as it brought together disparate disciplines and passions and gave name to an approach to individual and community transformation.

Based in Washington, DC with the not-for-profit organization FHI360, Julia works both in the U.S. and internationally to facilitate change. While her academic training and orientation is in public health, Julia describes herself as bridge builder and midwife of change, helping to facilitate strategies that link disparate communities, sectors and viewpoints to bring about improvements at household, community and policy levels.

She collaborated to develop key documents with USAID, WHO and UNICEF and spurred pioneering country-level programming integrating nutrition, WASH, child development and health. An avid cyclist and champion of girls’ empowerment, she collaborated with World Bicycle Relief to test the impact of increased mobility on girls’ school attendance, health seeking, and other outcomes. She is co-developer of the BEHAVE Framework for Program Planning (adapted as Designing for Behavior Change), applied by hundreds of government and non-governmental organizations in planning behavior-and learner-centered programs.

Julia has extensive international and cross-cultural experience, having had the privilege to work in communities across the US and 33 countries in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. She is a fluent and culturally-competent Spanish speaker. Julia holds an ScM from Harvard School of Public Health and Medical Anthropology degree from University of Michigan.