Dr. Philip Silva is an environmental researcher, educator, and advocate based in Brooklyn, NY. He currently serves as the Director of Learning for the National Recreation and Parks Association. Dr. Silva is also a Part-Time Assistant Professor at The New School, where he teaches graduate seminars on qualitative research, urban policy analysis, and innovation in urban sustainability. He regularly consults on curriculum development, program design, and strategic planning with the Design Trust for Public Space, the Environmental Leadership Program, and BB&Co. Strategic Storytelling.

Dr. Silva’s research explores themes of knowledge production and informal learning in grassroots environmental stewardship practices in cities. His essays and podcasts for The Nature of Cities cover a range of topics related to urban design, ecology, and advocacy. Dr. Silva is the Co-Founder and former Director of TreeKIT, a participatory research initiative helping city dwellers measure, map, and collaboratively manage urban forests. In 2015, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation used TreeKIT’s mapping and training methods to map nearly 700,000 street trees with the help of nearly 3,000 volunteers.

To learn more about Dr. Silva’s research and consulting practice, visit www.philipsilva.com.