Annie O’Shaughnessy began teaching in 1990 and has since enjoyed a rich and varied career as an educator in public, alternative, and therapeutic settings. In addition to 25 years as a circle facilitator for adults, Annie also served as a writer and president of two non-profit organizations focused on supporting people to live with purpose, love and courage. She began mindfulness practice in 1999, but it wasn’t until a bike crash and resulting MTBI in 2014 that she dedicated herself fully to daily formal practice and the study of mindful awareness. The resulting dramatic and positive changes in her life, health, and work led her to pursue her M.Ed. in Mindfulness for Educators (12/2016) and begin teaching other teachers about the power of mindfulness.

Having participated in and led circles personally and professionally since the 90s around the country and in the classroom, Annie has witnessed the tremendous impact of these experiences on her own and other’s lives and the essential role mindfulness, equity, and trauma informed work plays in successful restorative efforts. Currently, she supports teachers, schools and organizations around Vermont in making a shift to more mindful and restorative school communities. Recently she launched the Holistic Restorative Education Certificate Program at Saint Michael’s College and aims to change how educators build vital learning communities in their schools—places where everyone experiences safety, belonging, respect and voice.

Her work as trainer, speaker, consultant and college instructor blossomed after she took the Foundations of Dialogue Education course and has since applied her learning passionately to all of her training designs. She discovered that the principles on which DE is founded run throughout her work with mindfulness, equity, trauma-informed and restorative practices.

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