My name is Viviana Cornejo (Vivi). I’m originally from Chile. I’m currently living in Michigan, a beautiful state, but I miss the mountains. I work for the office of Race Relations of the Christian Reformed Church researching, writing, facilitating, and preparing facilitators for the many workshops and training we provide to create awareness and educate people on the history of racism in this country around the world. My passion for history has allowed me to investigate how and why racism is so ingrained in this society and present in the church.

The work I do has allowed meeting people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, which have enriched my life and understanding tremendously. I never expected this to happen, and I’m very grateful.

I have three daughters and four grandchildren. My mom (94 years old) lives with me after dad passed in 2015, an experience that I still grieve. There are many things I enjoy doing, and learning new things is probably the first one. I also enjoy camping, traveling, music, reading, watching documentaries, and photography, a passion I learned from my dad. Later, when time allows, I plan to dedicate hours to document life and stories through pictures; it’s something that I always wanted to do, but that will be later.