Sara has journeyed through many vocations, cultures, and life experiences.   

Along the way, she has acquired 4 degrees, 2 languages and a treasure chest of stories. The one common theme of her life is an insatiable passion for learning and for helping others learn.   

Sara first encountered Global Learning Partners while searching for adult learning resources. She took her first class on Intentional Design online and knew immediately that she had found her “tribe” of educators.   

She has visited over 40 countries and has lived in the US, East Africa and the Middle East.   

 Sara describes herself as…   

  • An introvert who loves people.   
  • An innovator who asks “why not?”   
  • An instructional designer who values the learner.   
  • A researcher who loves data (like candy).   

She enjoys reading historical fiction, hiking, swimming, gardening, playing Phase 10, and experiencing different cultures.