Lisa McGlinchy

Lisa McGlinchy, MPH, is the Senior Manager of Performance Improvement and Training for Commonwealth Medicine, a part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She received her master’s degree in Public Health/ Community Health Education at University of Maryland, College Park, MD and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY.

Utilizing Dialogue Education principles and best practices in adult education, her work includes managing large-scale training projects and designing interactive face to face and online focused on reflection on past experiences, application of new learnings through practice, peer sharing, and collaboration for professionals working in health care and care coordination. Lisa oversees training development for professional trainings for community providers around a variety of federal and statewide initiatives to support children, families, persons with disabilities and elders. Lisa’s professional experience includes more than 15 years translating public health research into practical knowledge for families, health professionals, and public health community organizations.

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