Karen Neiswender

Karen has been cultivating the practice of Dialogue Education principles over the course of her career. From a rocky start (think thrown to the wolves) at facilitating learning as a community health nurse, Karen has been keen to learn from others and put into practice new strategies to enhance mutual learning and growth. She has a Master in Public Health Degree from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Seattle Pacific University. Karen loves bringing the best out of others, helping them discover their gifts and potential. She is a skilled facilitator and workshop designer. She also is highly skilled at curriculum design and development. Karen is bilingual and can facilitate, design and develop resources and tools fluently in Spanish. Karen is passionate about collaborating with parents as they care for the holistic needs of their children, especially in the early years. She has lived in Latin America for nearly 20 years and her multi-national family of four carries no less than six passports when crossing borders.

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