Jessica Luh Kim

Jessica has passion for supporting seniors and people living with dementia. This passion was shaped by some of her earlier childhood experiences. Since then, Jessica has been on a mission to collaborate with individuals and organizations to create environments in which the full potential of people are realized and that they feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. Currently, Jessica is the VP of Membership, Policy and Professional Development at the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA). She supports a team focused on ensuring retirement home operators have the educational and operational tools to be successful in supporting seniors and the team members that work within those homes. Prior to joining ORCA, Jessica was a key component of Schlegel Villages’ ongoing efforts to change the culture of aging and in creating exceptional experiences for those who live, work, and visit each community. She was the lead designer of the organization’s educational events and conferences and supports the organization’s overall culture change journey. Jessica was responsible for a number of the Signature Programs such as LIVING In My Today, which is an innovative dementia program developed in collaboration with people living with dementia, family members, team members, leaders, and supported/informed by community partners (i.e., Ontario Dementia Advisory Group, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging, and the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program to name a few). She played a key role supporting Neighbourhood Team Development (an initiative focused on helping village leaders foster the creation of strong self-directed teams), Connect the Dots (a unique customer experience training program developed to provide team members with the service skills and knowledge required to create an exceptional and meaningful experience in each Village), and Dedicated Support (a staffing model focused on ensuring dedicated team members supporting the life routines, choices and personalized needs of residents). Additionally, Jessica sits on the ORCA Dementia Task Force and is a board member of the Pioneer Network.

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