Faisal Mutalq Al Zawaid is a development planner and trainer with 15 years of experience in planning, managing development projects and launching community initiatives. He has worked as a volunteer with several local and international organizations. He has gathered valuable experience while working 8 years with USAID (Management of Municipal Development Programs) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). As well, he has achieved a regional training certificate in the area of strategic planning and development. Mr. Faisal has the experience and potential to work as a special trainer in the area of communication skills, project preparation and economic feasibility studies. Indeed, he has proven qualities of leadership. He also contributed to three local initiatives. Of them, the most important is the Al-Khwarizmi initiative (scientific) aiming to raise the scientific level of education in schools. He has volunteered for training at many local institutions having the belief that, societal change and transformation starts with proper training. As a Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner (CDEP), Mr. Faisal aims to develop and facilitate many training materials. He believes this methodology to be powerful and can maximize the possibility of positive change in lives and communities.