Aydah has B.A in Sociology, M.A in Social work, and PhD in Sociology and Criminology.

She is currently the Director of Princess Basma Centre for intangible Cultural Heritage and, also work as Academic Researcher, Teaching -Civil Education in Al Hussein Bin Talal University. She has many academic paper publications in sociology and anthropology field.

Aydah has an experience in Preparing and presenting a radio and T.V programmes about the woman, social issues in Sout Al Janoub radio station, and in Television production studio in Center for Studies and Community Development in the University.

Aydah highly believes in the power of youth and women in the local communities in contributing to achieve development, solving their problems and improve their lives.

Aydah comes from a background of several years working with youth and women projects, studies focused in capacity-building, issues of awareness, and development, besides a range of life skills topics to help them involvements in their own local communities to make the positive change.

Aydah uses Dialogue Education techniques and strategies with women and youth in poor communities to deepen learning outcomes.

Aydah is highly interested in many topics like: gender, youth, development issues, active citizenship, cultural diversity, and oral history.

Aydah live in ma`an governate, close to Petra One of the Seven Wonders of the World.