Ahmad Medadi is a senior education expert who provides consulting services to non-profit organizations in the fields of education, teacher training, and international development projects. He earned a master’s degree in International Education from American University in 2023 and has conducted extensive research on various topics such as teacher unions and social movements, educational modernization, and refugee education.

With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from Zanjan University in Iran, Ahmad has 13 years of teaching experience in various cities and villages across Iran. His teaching focus has centered on marginalized and minority students in bilingual areas. Additionally, he volunteered as a math teacher for a year in a non-formal education program for Afghan refugee students in Turkey. He also taught Farsi language at Global Language Network (GLN) in Washington DC for two academic years as a volunteer.

Ahmad also holds certificates in educational facilitation and educational design from American University and has been a Certified Dialogue Education Practitioners (CDEPs) network member since 2023. 

Ahmad has taught in Persian, Azeri, and Turkish languages. Outside of his professional pursuits, he is deeply passionate about poetry, mysticism, music, and languages, with a particular interest in spiritual education.