Tom is currently the team leader for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (World Renew) in Asia, focusing on Bangladesh, India, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia. Tom and his wife, Melva have 6 children. Melva is originally from the country of Belize, in Central America. Tom and Melva are currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dialogue education opens up a world of opportunities for Tom: from working cross culturally in mutual respect, to creating meetings that are engaging and productive. He has taught Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach in Laos, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and the USA, in both Spanish and English.

Tom has worked for the Peace Corps in Belize, in bilingual education with the Grand Rapids Public Schools and for CRWRC in Honduras, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Kenya, and Thailand. He has served as field director for Mexico and Belize, Central America Zone Director, as team leader for East & Southern Africa, and as developer of partnerships for business development in Kenya (Partners for Christian Development).

Tom has his BA in biology and secondary education from Calvin College, his MA in Bilingual Education from Grand Valley State Colleges, his MSc. in Agronomy and Certificates in Latin American Studies and Tropical Agriculture from the University of Florida, and his Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of East Anglia.