Saba Yassin works as project manager of gender justice in Oxfam Jordan, where her last job was youth civic and political engagement program manager in ActionAid, also in Jordan. Saba highly believes in the power of youth and communities in contributing to the desired development at all levels, as people are the catalyst of the development process that responds to their needs and visions.

Saba comes from a background of working with youth projects for several years, provides capacity building training to youth, tackling the issues of self-awareness, appreciation and development, besides a range of life skills topics to help them thinking and deciding about their involvements in their own local communities, by implementing youth-led initiatives and strengthening networking with wider range of youth. Saba was directly involved in working with civil society as part of capacity building team, at institutional level considering the different aspects. She also has a background to work with private sector for number of years.

Saba also is a certified trainer and Certified Dialogue Education Teacher that can teach in both English and Arabic. She started her steps in making her dream becoming true to spread the message of Dialogue Education as wide as possible. Back in 2012, a new cooperation with Princess Nora University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was created to train and teach the university professors on the principles and practices of Dialogue Education and become Certified Dialogue Education Practitioners.

Saba says that “Dialogue Education becomes a life style, a mentality and a way of thinking for me, as it’s not only a methodology for training or teaching, but it also gives insights on how to deal with the colleagues and people at the personal level. This makes me truly believe in the important of spreading the message of Dialogue Education out.”

Saba is highly interested in politics, human rights and cultural diversity.

What people are saying

Dialogue Education changed my life and my character, I’m a different person now, not only in teaching, but in all the aspects of my life, now I listen more and I’m ‘dialoguing’ with people. DE is the gold we discovered, congratulations Saba, your seeds have been flourished now. I organized a seminar for my colleagues about the twelve principles of Dialogue Education and they were amazed

– Ohoud Al Amri,