Dwayne Hodgson

Dwayne Hodgson

In brief
Dwayne Hodgson is passionate about designing and facilitating engaging, participatory learning experiences, in both online and face-to-face events. He loves to work at the intersection of ideas, learning design and technology, and is quick to find a creative work-around that makes the most of any learning situation — in person or online.

Dwayne’s Experience
Dwayne’s experience includes staff and consulting roles with a variety of non-profit, government, humanitarian and environmental organizations, where he has applied his knowledge of adult learning principles to support employee training, public education and capacity building projects.
Dwayne is currently working as an Education Officer with the Canadian Association of University Teachers, the umbrella organization that represents post-secondary education faculty associations and unions across Canada.

Previously he has completed staff and consulting assignments with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Red Cross, and dozens of NGOs and government departments working on sustainable development issues around the world. He had the great privilege of working with Global Learning Partners as the Program Director from 2002 to 2008, and before that worked for four years in Tanzania with a Canadian NGO.

Dwayne’s Education
Dwayne has completed an M.A. in International Affairs at Carleton University, and a combined honours in Political Science at McMaster University’s Arts & Science Program. He has built on his academic training by becoming a Certified Dialogue Education Teacher with Global Learning Partners, Inc. He also continues to upgrade his toolkit through online course in facilitation, quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistics, as well as deep dives into whatever topic that interests in him, including genealogy, history, and traditional indigenous knowledge.

When Dwayne is not at work
When not working, you’ll probably find Dwayne riding a bike, taking pictures, making music or driving his kids to sports. If not there, he’s probably reading a book or watching Netflix. You can find out more about his work and a portfolio of his creative endeavours at his website.

What people are saying
Designing and delivering impactful learning is as much an art as a science. Dwayne is a master of both.

Pascal Lavoie
Senior Director, FCM Programs at Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Dwayne custom designed and delivered a one-hour webinar on how to do effective webinars and remote meetings for a group of leaders representing more than a dozen diverse charities. The planning discussions were thoughtful and highly engaging; he sought to understand as much relevant information about the group as possible. The design for the session reflected Dwayne’s outstanding understanding of both adult learning pedagogy and the various technological tools that have become both ubiquitous and frustrating to us all.

During the presentation itself Dwayne demonstrated a rare ability to be both subject matter expert and master facilitator, nimbly adjusting to the responses of the group while guiding us through content that was accessible to everyone and still contained practical nuggets for the most experienced among us. The feedback was strongly positive with nearly everyone expressing pans for immediate application of something from the hour.

Beyond this remarkable blend of technical knowledge and facilitation skill, Dwayne is committed to being intentional and reflective about the ethics of his work, seeking to use his abilities and opportunities to do the most good. His breadth of both work and life experience provides rare insight, and his wry sense of humour keeps a welcome tone in both individual interactions and group sessions. I have recommended Dwayne’s work in learning design and facilitation to others and will continue to do so even more.

Chris Wignall (he/him)
Executive Director at Catalyst Foundation

Dwayne’s consulting work demonstrates a wonderful combination of insightful curiosity, ‘drill down’ practical analysis, and strong communication skill. He completes projects to a very high standard, with a keen ear toward how his client will actually ‘use’ the end project.

Hugh Brewster
National Manager, Canadian Programs, World Vision Canada

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