Sajeda holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering “Water and Environment Engineering branch”, and a Winner of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency 2020-2021. She is also one of the youngest female municipal executive managers in Jordan. Sajeda has 15 years of experience in the municipal sector. She started her work as water and environmental engineer in 2008 and was later promoted to the Head of Water and Environment department. She was also the Head of GIS Department in Karak Municipality, one of the largest municipalities in southern Jordan. Sajeda is a member of the trainers team of municipal institute (under foundation) as a specialist trainer for municipal sector and Executive Directors of Jordanian municipalities. She has participated in developing curricula and training materials for change management, strategic planning and good governance in municipalities. Presently, Sajeda works as a key liaison officer for many developmental, scientific and community networks, as well as sustainable projects for knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences with interested people from all countries of the world.