Russ Mitchell

Education, primarily in Churches and Christian schools, is a consistent thread throughout Russ’ 35-year career. He enjoys facilitating the Kairos Course and serves as a guest lecturer for the Perspectives in World Missions Course. He has taught several college courses, most recently as an adjunct Professor at Taylor University in the area of Intercultural Studies during the 2020-2021 academic year. He earned Masters degrees from Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Working cross-culturally is also a significant theme as he has lived 20 years in the Dominican Republic and Romania and continues to collaborate with partners around the world. Since October 2019, he serves as Director of Training for One Challenge (

Russ felt quite at home when he took the FOUNDATIONS OF DIALOGUE EDUCATION course in 2019, finding many familiar themes from his studies at Wheaton College. He has applied what he learned from the RE-IMAGINING CONFERENCES + CONVENINGS course to designing a week-long virtual Learning Conference for leaders in his organization. Dialog Education’s “tools” enable one to easily design and facilitate effective learning experiences. Whether the context is online learning, virtual training, or face to face, applying the principles of Dialogue Education creates a more robust learning experience.

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