Muhia Karianjahi

I’m a Kenyan, raised and schooled in the City of Nairobi in East Africa. Married to Marcy, the most influential person in my life, we have two grown sons who are at different stages of launching their own lives. I serve on faculty at Wheaton College’s HoneyRock, Center for Leadership Development in northern Wisconsin.

My education experiences have been varied. Most of my formational years were in a drastically different culture from my current context teaching young adults. I encountered the world of Dialogue Education as I navigated that cultural bridge, and since then my classroom, whether in the graduate school where I teach, or learning alongside fellow adventurers in the outdoors, or exploring Christian camping with leaders from different continents, has never been the same. Vella’s 8 design steps and the 4 A’s interactive model have proved to be handholds that are applicable across cultures

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