Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman

Favorite Quote

“The more you see the less you know, the less you find out as you go. I knew much more then than I do now” (U2, City of Blinding Lights: 2004)

In Brief
Matt works with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) as manager for European Field Teams, based in Barcelona, Spain.  His responsibilities include relating with NGO’s and church leaders in Europe to carry out the three directives of CBF: partnering with global churches, ministry related to migration, and transformational development.

Matt is a global citizen, growing up in Uganda and Greece, and having lived in North Carolina, Toronto, Atlanta, and currently in Barcelona. He has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.


Fuller Theological Seminary, MA 2009

Master of Arts in Global Leadership

Gardner-Webb University, BA 1997


Universitat  Autonoma de Barcelona  2015

B1 Certification in Spanish

Related Professional Experience

Matt conceptualized and designed a comprehensive lifelong learning and training process including face to face and online learning opportunities for CBF personnel and partners distributed globally.

Matt regularly consults with churches regarding organizational dynamics and leadership development.

Matt co-wrote Dawnings which is a biblical framework for local congregational life.  Practically, it offers a basic infrastructure for a congregation’s life together.

Matt co-wrote Pivot which is a leadership development resource that challenges our traditional thoughts and beliefs about God’s mission in the world and our role in that mission.

Research Interests & Areas of Professional Expertise

Currently, Matt is a student at the IBTS Centre in Amsterdam researching in the field of Homiletics related to Dialogue Education and Roundtable Preaching.  Matt’s research interests and areas of expertise include Dialogue Education, Cross-Cultural Training, Missiology, Asset-Based Community Development and Leadership Development in Multi-Cultural environments.

Away from Work

Married to Michelle, they have two children.  Matt enjoys playing sports—basketball, soccer, racquetball—and spending time with his wife and kids.  Music is also a passion; Matt plays several instruments and writes songs.  Reading, traveling the world and studying culture are also loves.

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