Lama Kamal

Lama Kamal

I am an architect by education and profession. I have been running my own architecture and design office Schema for the past 15 years. More recently, I have co-founded a real estate development company, Edama, and as the designer and Projects Manager, have been overseeing the construction of our first project, which started mid-2014.

My passion for design got me into teaching architecture and interior design at several Jordanian universities between the years  1996 – 2003, which I did in parallel with the design office and which was in itself a huge opportunity for learning! I became more involved in learning events when I was invited to become a facilitator for Unctad’s capacity building program for entrepreneurs ‘Empretec’ in Jordan. I have been involved in building the Empretec program in Jordan since 2003 and recently, as an UNCTAD-EMPRETEC International Master Trainer, have been training female entrepreneurs and trainers in Saudi Arabia as part of the Empretec program under installation in KSA.

Learning (and teaching) of ‘Design’ became Design of ‘Learning’ as I was first exposed to GLP’s ‘Learning to Listen, Learning to teach. The Seven Steps of design and the principles underlying the necessary conditions for learning to take place made a lot of sense to me and fit into the picture of the world unfolding before me.

I am of the conviction that ‘Design’: the thrill, pleasure and pain of working within the boundaries, the givens and the needs, in order to ‘Create’ or to help things Grow to their potential: the water for the plant   …..….is the same whether you are working with people or spaces and buildings…this is what I do, and this is how I keep learning.

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