Khalil holds a bachelor’s degree in business management. Presently, he is the Executive Director of Al-Qreiqa and Finan’s municipality after finishing a six-year term as Mayor there.

Khalil has a strong work ethic, is knowledgeable, and has outstanding communication skills. He served as the Qreiqa Youth Center’s Director for four years on a part-time basis. In addition, he is an Advisory Council Member in Aqaba City where he has facilitated numerous workshops for Jordan’s Municipalities Support Project.

Khalil is among those who are eager to learn. As such, he has engaged in a variety of conferences and participated in many local conferences and meetings, including: local economic development strategies (in Amman), government service development (in Tunisia), managing and developing the performance of the Center of Measuring Public Opinion in influencing the decision-making process (in Morocco), and transforming creative ideas into executive plans (in Malaysia). He also attended the fifteenth conference of the Arab Cities Organization (in Kuwait).

In his free time, Khalil relaxes by spending time with his family.