Huda Amarin

“I started my career path as a teacher at the Ministry of Education in Jordan and stayed there for 20 years until retirement in 2012. As a believer in local community development especially in rural areas, women and youth empowerment, human rights and cultural heritage, I started to work on a volunteer basis with different organization and on different fields in my region.

This volunteer work experience continued with one of the most unique non-governmental organization in Jordan concerning cultural heritage protection and heritage sites preservation: Petra nation Trust (PNT).

My enthusiasm for the work especially in education, outreach and awareness programs of the organization lead me to being hired at PNT as Programs Officer. Through the support of the organization and its believe in the importance of building the capacity of its staff, I attended different training courses that helped me to become an instructor within the same organization.

Since I was a teacher for a long time, I had the experience and knowledge needed to work with children and youth. The volunteer experience helped me in working with women, youth and people with disabilities. All this allowed me to provide capacity-building training to youth, tackling the issues of self-awareness on cultural heritage, human rights and development, building life skills and critical thinking. It also allowed me to encourage positive involvements for women and youth in local communities and preservation of world heritage sites, especially Petra.

I can teach in both Arabic and English, and love teaching different age groups. My favourite hobbies are reading and writing.”

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