Hamzeh Atef AL-Smadi

Hamza Atef Al-Smadi is the Director of the Ajloun District Directorate in the Greater Ajloun Municipality. He has a master’s degree in accounting from Ajloun National University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Jerash Private University. He is incredibly proud to say that he has contributed 22 years of experience to the municipality.

Hamza is hopeful about enacting change and advancement development that will benefit the youth of his region. For this reason, he has been volunteering in this field since 2010. He worked with a group of youth to provide aid and assistance to the needy, trained young people to increase their capabilities, and spread awareness in various fields.

Over the years, Hamza has worked with a number of local and global non-governmental organizations and groups, the most prominent of which is a project funded by the UNHCR in Jordan. He also volunteered with the Jordan Red Crescent Society, the International Organization for Relief and Development (IRD), and several Jordanian study centers.

Hamza is certified in a variety of fields and became a strategic planning trainer with Jordan’s Municipalities Training Institute. He is also a facilitator and trainer in the Local Administration Training Institute project. As well, he had the opportunity to join the National Disaster Response Team of the Jordan National Red Crescent Society.

As a volunteer, Hamza received training in gender studies, first aid fundamentals, international humanitarian law, and identifying risks for youth groups and workers in far-off places.

Hamza is a founding member of the Ajloun Sports Club as well as the Youth Unit in the Greater Municipality of Ajloun.

Despite working full-time, Hamza maintains a healthy work-life balance by spending his free time with family and friends. He enjoys sports and hunting.

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