Gillian Ferwerda

Gillian Ferwerda serves with Raise Up Global Ministries as Content Coordinator and Trainer Care Coordinator. In this role, she has the privilege of designing content for audiences around the globe. Raise Up Global works predominantly in English, Spanish, and French, but some of their material has been translated into 43 languages. Materials range from discovery Bible studies, to workshops, to WhatsApp videos, to equipping manuals, all using adult dialogue education principles. She loves that while she lives in Michigan, she can interact with dear partners from all over the world.

I love the journey of being a dialogue education practitioner, I am a Sherpa. I go before and I put pieces together so that my participants’ feet fall on smooth ground, and they have the supplies they need. I walk alongside them, hearing and then highlighting what they are discovering along the journey, showing them what they already know as they climb the mountain, or help them see their learning steps as they try. I create virtual spaces like campfires to celebrate and reflect, and envision what life looks after this journey.

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