New Course on the Calendar: Learning Evaluation by Design

Do you want to go beyond simple feedback surveys to really understand what your participants have learned and the difference it made for them, personally and professionally? Do you want to identify the factors that contributed to or hindered these changes, so you can improve the learning process in the future?

In this course, Learning Evaluation by Design, you will design an evaluation for a recent or future learning event using a rigorous learning-centered approach to assess the value of the educational program. You will also practice creating opportunities for the learners to be engaged in the evaluation process so that they too can answer Jane Vella’s question: How do they know they know?

In this new online course, which begins January 18, 2022, plan on 3 live sessions of 4 hours each via Zoom. Support your learning during and after the course with a series of short, engaging online modules. Two seasoned GLP facilitators will provide personalized input and guidance to all course participants.

Receive 30% off if you register by November 29.


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