Peter Perkins

Peter Perkins


In brief

Peter began in 1985 applying Dialogue Education™(DE) to a wide range of organizations, individuals, and topics; becoming Certified as a DE Teacher (CDET) in 1994 while mentoring with Dr. Jane Vella.  Now a Senior DE Consultant and Partner, and Co-Owner of Global Learning Partners, Inc., Peter coaches and teaches DE courses and learning events. As well, Peter consults in DE-based organizational development, leadership, learning organizational design and management.  He has successfully worked with a wide variety of organizations throughout the U.S., Austria, Russia, and Ethiopia.

Peter teams with State and Federal Government based organizations such as Vermont Agency of Human Services and Dept. of Education, California Dept. of Education, and California WIC Program.  He also works with non-profit organizations and associations working in adolescent development, clinical substance abuse treatment and prevention, community-based prevention, and secondary education. As well, Peter teams with management and employees on supervision and supervisor skills, organizational development initiatives, leadership development, and facilitation of effective meetings.  Other areas include higher education, small and medium size businesses, state-wide coalitions, and community based organizations.

Some recent projects

Safe & Drug Free Schools & Communities, Agency of Human Services & Say It Straight, Vermont, USA
Leading the partners of AHS, SIS and GLP to integrate Dialogue Education™ principles into the next phase of training and implementation of the SIS evidence-based program in schools and communities across Vermont to successfully sustain SIS beyond the funding cycle.

Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies at Education Development Center, Massachusetts, USA
A national group of consultants and trainers work with local communities and state agencies to implement effective prevention technologies.  Peter led this team to improve training and consulting skills as well as outcomes.  The group indicated immediate shifts in practice and showed desired results with the groups they worked.

A few clients

California Women Infant Child Program (WIC)
American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Vermont Department of Education
Lydal Automotive
University of Vermont
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Educational background

M.A. Human Organizational Development
Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

B.A. Sociology & Psychology
Lakeland College, Sheboygan, WI

Some key accomplishments

Designed and implemented First Prevention and Community Development College Program in the USA at Woodbury College of Montpelier, VT (1996).

Designed two nationally recognized substance abuse prevention programs for youth (1986, 1990). When Peter is not at work…

He is the father of 2 boys, married and living in rural Vermont in the USA.  Working in the woods is his passion, along with his boys. As well he loves doing yoga with his Yoga Teacher and wife, Susan.

What people are saying

You worked miracles with my organization!

~ Executive Director of a statewide coalition

Our efforts to move youth justice practice forward in Vermont has been enhanced by this collaboration.  We have been able to provide Dialogue Education training as well as SURE-Fire training to both Family Services staff and our community partners.  These learning opportunities have afforded participants the ability to enhance communication, foster engagement with youth and their families, as well as provide relevant and meaningful meetings.   Our work with Global Learning Partners has provided a wonderful learning experience for participants that is transferable across disciplines and relevant in our day to day work.

             ~ Lindy Boudreau, Vermont Department for Children and Families

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