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In these tough economic times there is fierce competition to secure a new job, advance in your current position, or expand or begin your own consulting business. This is the perfect time to engage in professional development activities to enhance your resume, develop new and strengthen existing skills, and increase your employment opportunities as a result.

We at Global Learning Partners invite you to join our family of Certified Dialogue Education Practitioners as we advance our mission to revolutionize learning and transform lives through quality learning events.

  • Would you like to develop your skills to design exciting workshops, seminars, meetings and other learning events where true learning takes place?
  • Could your resume or curriculum vitae use a little boost?
  • Do you instinctively understand that good teaching, facilitation, and presentation is about more than talking in front of a group?
  • Are you excited about helping adults learn in a way that creates real growth and lasting change?

If any of these ideas are of interest, consider becoming a Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner!

What is a Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner?

Dialogue Education Practitioner certification is intended for those who develop their skills in the principles and practices of Dialogue Education and then apply their learning in their own work settings.

The Dialogue Education Practitioner designation recognizes individuals who have demonstrated their proficiency in Dialogue Education through their own work as learning designers and teachers in varied organizational settings. This professional development designation honors hard work and a commitment to high quality learning designs and teaching. Dialogue Education Practitioners retain their certification for a three-year period, which is renewable every three years.

What are the benefits of Dialogue Education Practitioner certification?

  • You join a select group of colleagues who are on the cutting edge of Dialogue Education teaching and learning around the world;
  • You are recognized as a skilled Dialogue Education Practitioner and receive a 3-year certificate, which you can use to highlight your special training;
  • You receive a 10% discount on additional GLP courses, and design reviews by someone on the GLP team;
  • You receive special notices when GLP introduces new services such as online tutorials, seminars, courses, etc.
  • Your name, biography and affiliation is posted on the GLP website.

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