Dialogue Education Step by Step: A Guide for Designing Exceptional Learning Events

Downloadable Dialogue Education Book!

by Darlene Goetzman  |  September 2012  |  Global Learning Partners, Inc.    105 pp  |  Plus Appendix with Sample Designs  |  $19.95

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We’re excited to announce the publication of Darlene Goetzman’s, downloadable Dialogue Education (DE) guidebook, an e-book from Global Learning Partners. This book is sequenced to guide and coach you as you design – or redesign – a learning event. Whether you’re brand new to Dialogue Education, or have some DE experience, this practical workbook gives you an in-depth guide to the most important  planning tools you can find for creating effective learning events:  the 8 Steps of Design, the 4As, and the Learning Needs & Resources Assessment. Get in-depth insight, practical tips, and useful worksheets that will aid you in planning your next training, course, seminar, or meeting.

Download a Sample Chapter – Chapter 3:  LNRA (Learning Needs & Resources Assessment)

This guide has five primary purposes:

  1. To give you (as a teacher, trainer, instructor, facilitator or consultant) the freedom to be creative, the structure to be accountable, and the tools to incorporate meaningful dialogue into your learning events so you can facilitate transformative change with your learners.
  2. To coach you step-by-step through a simple, systematic approach to designing effective learning events of all kinds. Whether you are new to Dialogue Education or have been using it for some time, this guide can be your coach.
  3. To provide a practical refresher and supportive examples for those of you who are already familiar with Dialogue Education.
  4. To provide you with an easy-to-use resource that you can turn to again and again each time you plan a learning event.
  5. To give you in-depth information about, examples of, and experience working with four of the major components of Dialogue Education that you can apply immediately in your work.

This guide provides:

  1. Step by step coaching to design a learning event.
  2. Specific examples for three of the critical tools of Dialogue Education:  the 8 Steps of Design; the 4-A Model; and Open Questions.
  3. Substantial guidance in planning, implementing and using the data from a Learning Needs and Resources Assessment (LNRA), the fourth great Dialogue Education tool. Using this tool, you will discover what your participants bring to the learning event, what they hope to accomplish, and what content will serve them best. What you learn from an LNRA will inform your plans for designing the learning event.
  4. A single compendium that includes sample designs which provide illustrations of what you will be learning.


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