Our origins stem from the work of Dr. Jane Vella and the Jubilee Popular Education Center (est. 1982). Jane established the Jubilee to share the wisdoms of her learning adventures with the wider world.

From New York City to rural North Carolina, from Africa to South America, Jane tested and developed a proven set of principles and practices, which continue to guide us today.

In 1996 Jubilee became Global Learning Partners, Inc.

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Publication of Learning to Listen Learning to Teach: The Power of Dialogue in Educating Adults

In her first book, Jane Vella, Ph.D. “discovered and mastered the fundamental concepts of adult learning and applies them with flair, imagination, and loving tender care.” The book transformed the way people around the globe think about teaching and learning. The 2nd Edition (2002) integrates the wisdom of quantum thinking and continues to serve as a resource to teachers and learners worldwide.

Jane also began teaching her course Learning to Listen for Save the Children.


Incorporation of Global Learning Partners (GLP)

At the start of this millennium, the work of Vella and her colleagues gave birth to Global Learning Partners, Inc. In 1996 experienced Dialogue Education teacher Peter Noteboom was invited to purchase Jubilee Popular Education Center from Jane. A few years later, Peter invited in Connie Kuipers as Co-Owner through 2005. In 2007, he invited a small team of seasoned Dialogue Education practitioners in as co-owners and set it on its current trajectory:

  1. Jeanette Romkema, Toronto, Canada
  2. Valerie Uccellani, New Orleans
  3. Peter Perkins, Vermont
  4. Karen Ridout, Raleigh, North Carolina
  5. Darlene Goetzman, New York
  6. Marian Darlington-Hope, Massachusetts

Today, Peter Noteboom remains a consistent presence on the Board of Directors, and a strong team (majority women) leads the company to continue being deeply rooted and responsive to the needs of our times.


Hosted the International Dialogue Education Institute (IDEI)

The 1st IDEI convened practitioners from across North America and beyond. Together with two more international events (2010 & 2013), this event confirmed that GLP is much more than a company; it is the hub of an international network of creative, committed individuals – and partner networks – that are advancing the science and art of a learning-centered approach. GLP began certifying individuals as practitioners and teachers in 2009. The first intentionally developed “hub” of certified practitioners and teachers began in the country of Jordan in 2010 and remains vibrant today. The Speaking of Dialogue blog began in 2010 and continues as an important tool for communicating great work in the field, helpful tools & techniques, and proven models for practitioners to use.


Expansion of GLP’s Consulting Work and Certified Network

In addition to the original courses created by Jane Vella, GLP has created new in-person and online courses on a range of learning-centered topics and in several languages. We also have grown our core consulting team so that we can bring our learning expertise to clients across sectors and geographies. In 2017 we expanded our board to include non-shareholders to increase our reach and diversity. We continue to grow and support Dialogue Education practitioners and teachers by offering certification and creating a Certified Network for sharing of learning and resources.


Creation of a Comprehensive Strategic Guide

Thanks to the union of new and seasoned perspectives (on our Board and core team), GLP clarified and documented the company’s vision, mission, core values and strategic objectives. In so doing, we have affirmed our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as to the creative application of proven learning principles and practices in all that we do.


Today, the GLP Team has to 4 Staff and 7 Consultants, 60 Certified Dialogue Education Practitioners, and 34 Certified Dialogue Education Teachers from around the world. We bring our learning-centered approach to clients across sectors, cultures, and languages through courses and client projects. Shift the Power: A Learning-Centered Podcast where we talk about the revolutionary power of a learning-centered approach, is in its 3rd season.

In response to an increased need for virtual learning, GLP is creating and sharing resources for the virtual environment, including the innovative mobile-based learning nuggets. Our 3-year strategic plan has been updated to chart our future as an innovative and sustainable company with a mission to revolutionize learning and transform the world.