When my Life was Changed (2017)

In autumn 2017, I was lucky enough to return to Vermont to participate in the weeklong Advanced Learning Design/Learning Evaluation program. I say “return” because I was born and raised in Vermont but have spent decades living and working in Los Angeles. I was lucky to experience the week with a terrific group of dedicated people and facilitated by Peter and Michael (see the picture of this group attached).

These photos were taken by Michael, and I’ll cherish them. The one of me is caught mid-laugh and aha moment as I sprawled on the floor with my design. I was so wrapped up in my 8-steps of design and format/structure. I was hung up on how do I evaluate the progress of the learners?!?! When I finally realized the evaluation linkages to the Achievement Based Objectives – linkages to the needs of the learners in the program rather than the demands of a funder for the outcomes of their investment – it was a huge weight lifted! Michael caught me at that moment of joy, surprise (think a head-smacking “DOAH”), and boisterous laugh. I couldn’t jot notes fast enough about the intended skills and knowledge building.

GLP’s programs and staff have been instrumental to my work! Thank you for the opportunities and the joy they have brought me!

Happy 25th Anniversary!


Bridget Hogan Cole, MPH

Executive Director

Institute for High Quality Care (IHQC)


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