We Must Celebrate People

During one of my first Google Hangout meetings with Dr. Jane Vella, I asked her how she built Global Learning Partners. I was so curious about how she created a company out of her gifts of facilitation and teaching adults. She replied, “with a lot of tears.” Jane’s level of transparency and vulnerability left a deep impression on me. In just a few words, she summarized the joys and sadness of entrepreneurship. I learned so much from Jane that day.

I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to facilitate with Jane during our book circle in 2020. There she taught me is the importance of celebrating.  At the end of our “From Brain to Mind” by James Zull book circle, Jane exclaimed, “we must celebrate people!” Creating space for learners to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work involved in the learning process is one way I will continue to spread Jane’s message.

Tonjala Eaton

GLP Partner

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