Thanks to the GLP Community, Past and Present

When I think of GLP in this 25th anniversary year, I envision all the people I have had the honor and joy to work with.     

I remember company owners – their determination, creative spirit, and vision for a better world… PAST: Connie Kuipers, Darlene Goetzman, Karen Ridout, Marian Darlington-Hope, Peter Perkins; and, PRESENT: Peter Noteboom, Rebecca Kerin, Valerie Uccellani (and me).    

I remember our Board of Directors – their deep wisdom and leadership… PAST: Karabi Acharya, Karen Ridout, Kokeb Kassa, Marion Darlington-Hope, Peter Perkins; and, PRESENT: Julia Rosenbaum, Peter Noteboom, Rebecca Kerin, Rich Grogen, Valerie Uccellani, (and me).    

I remember our consultants – the commitment to the principles and practices of a learning-centered approach… PAST: Chris Little, Christian MacKinnon, Connie Kuipers, Dwayne Hodgson, Ellen Kupp, Karen Ridout, Michael Culliton, Peter Pekins, Peter Noteboom, Phillip Silva; and, PRESENT: Andrea Van Liew, Claudia Quinonez, Rachel Nicolosi, Sylvia Saenger, Tonjala Eaton, Tyler Phillips, Valerie Uccellani (and me).    

I remember our staff – their creativity, responsiveness and ability to support the consultants in a way that helps us be our best with clients… PAST: Alison Lesure, Christina DeJong, Debra Cagwin, Dwayne Hodgson, Kate Larose, Kris Britt, Joan Dempsey, Jordan Kane; and, PRESENT: Anna Hanley, Buffy Root, Meg Logue, and Rebecca Kerin.     

I remember those who are no longer with us but continue to live large in our memory and walk alongside us in our work… Karen Ridout and Michael Culliton, we miss you.     

I remember my clients and all the GLP clients – they taught us so much in our 25+ year learning journey! We exist and grow because of you, for which I am grateful.     

I remember Dr. Jane Vella, with deep respect, admiration, and love for our dear founder – none of this would be possible without Jane having a dream… for the world to be a better place.     

For all these amazing individuals and groups, I remember and will feel forever grateful.

–Jeanette Romkema 


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