Permission from the Back Porch (1990s)

My favorite memories of working with Jane are many, but here are two: 

1 — back in the 90’s sometime, when I introduced Jane to California WIC, she came out to lead a workshop. It was probably 200 people, and it looked like the perfect time for a lecture. But not Jane! She got the folks talking one-on-one to their neighbors, and it was wonderful. I think it was an ice-breaker, or early activity, and the whole workshop went very well. 

2 — sitting on Jane’s deck, having lunch (that she made!) when I visited North Carolina to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from UNC Chapel Hill. It was wonderful to chat about our work and Jane gave me permission to “mess with” the dialogue education principles so I could explain them to the people with whom I was working at the time, mostly in the food sphere. 

Attaching a photo of me “forest bathing” in the North Coast redwoods last month — and celebrating! 

Peggy da Silva, MPH 

Staff Training and Community Education Specialist

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