Learning that LASTS (1999)

I wish I had known you in 1992 when I was writing my thesis on training mother-tongue translators in Melanesia, but my meeting your work through Roland Walker in 1999 upon my return from 4 years in Cameroon was perfect timing for the next phase of my career. I helped him develop “Learning that LASTS” from his original “Teaching for Life Change,” and then taught your principles in a course at the new Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (now Dallas International University).

The 10 or so years of my life teaching and multiplying teachers in dialogue education around the world as international coordinator of Learning that LASTS were the most fulfilling of my life. That workshop has been translated into over 15 languages now! Imagine the multiplication!! Jane, bask in the knowledge that you have had a real impact in the world – to its farthest corners.

Thank you for the impact you’ve had on my life personally. You changed my life, and – by example and teaching – those of my two children. And surely through the generations. With humble gratitude.

Margaret Bean

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