Joy is the Measure (1996)

From the very beginning of my ownership involvement in Global Learning Partners, Inc. it has always been a collective, a community thing. I remember Dialogue Educators coming to Toronto, Raleigh, Montpelier, New Orleans, Shelter Harbor, Boston, and other locations to share what we were learning about how to connect, manage and grow a company that was in the business of education.

We reflected on the most powerful open questions of the day supported by marketing plans, financial reports, client stories, governance and organizational diagrams, strategic and program plans, business models and so many other contributions that would help us learn how to be Global Learning Partners, Inc. The windows and walls have usually been decorated with flipcharts, post-it notes, and visuals. We’ve gone on a gazillion walk ‘n’ talks.

But the deepest and most profound memories and experiences are related to our sense of being in community with one another, sometimes affectionately called a “hub o’ love.” I’d recognize that peculiar and unique hum of conversation anywhere: serious, careful, humorous, fun dialogue. Joy is the measure. 

Peter Noteboom

GLP President and Co-owner

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