Changing the Dynamic of a National Training (2000)

I had been a trainer for Literacy Volunteers of America for a number of years. After the training became “Vellaized”, as we called it, the dynamic changed for the better. Jane, working with Chloe Fessler, created workshops that made a lasting impression and the result was volunteers who were excited about their new venture and ready to serve. 

Right away I saw the workshops as more lively and engaging. How did we know they got it – “they just did it”. Prior to the changes I went home tired from two hours of training. After the revisions I went home energized! 

After that I had years of facilitating workshops for Jubliee Popular Education Center and GLP. I loved and learned from each and every one. 

Thanks, Jane for all you have shared with the world!! The world and I am better for it! 

Jolene Olson 

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